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  • शनिवार, 27 अगस्त, 2022
    Delhi Process VI: Exploring New Development Paradigms and Growth Strategies: Partnerships in Times of Transition and Contestations
  • बुधवार, 17 नवंबर, 2021
    What types of partnerships are necessary to achieve the SDGs?
  • मंगलवार, 29 जून, 2021
    FISD Lecture Series: Climate Diplomacy
  • शनिवार, 19 जून, 2021
    TRIPS Waiver Issues and Challenges for Latin America
  • बृहस्पतिवार, 10 जून, 2021
    Dialogue on Quality of Economic Growth and Inclusion: A Regional Development Perspective
  • शनिवार, 05 जून, 2021
    TRIPS Waiver Issues and Challenges
  • बुधवार, 20 मार्च, 2019
    RIS/NeST at Second High-level United Nations Conference on South-South Cooperation (BAPA+40)
  • सोमवार, 13 अगस्त, 2018
    Delhi Process IV South-South Triangular Cooperation
  • शुक्रवार, 25 अगस्त, 2017
    Asia Africa Growth Corridor
  • बृहस्पतिवार, 24 अगस्त, 2017
    South South and Triangular Development Cooperation
  • बृहस्पतिवार, 06 जुलाई, 2017
    Discussion Meeting on AAGC and the National Development Priorities of Tunisia
  • बुधवार, 24 मई, 2017
    Launch of Asia Africa Growth Corridor Vision Document
  • शुक्रवार, 24 मार्च, 2017
    A Roundtable on India’s Development Cooperation in Bangladesh
  • रविवार, 17 जुलाई, 2016
    NeST side event at UNCTAD XIV
  • बृहस्पतिवार, 09 जून, 2016
    Policy Dissemination Event Emerging partners in Africa’s post-conflict recovery
  • बुधवार, 08 जून, 2016
    South-South Cooperation A Regional Consultation Meeting
  • शनिवार, 14 मई, 2016
    Meeting of Core Group of Network of Southern Think Tanks (NeST)
  • बृहस्पतिवार, 10 मार्च, 2016
    Conference on South-South Cooperation
  • बृहस्पतिवार, 17 दिसंबर, 2015
    NeST technical working group meeting, 'Defining, measuring and reporting South-South Co-operation'
  • बृहस्पतिवार, 03 सितम्बर, 2015
    NeST technical working group meeting: Developing indicators to measure the quality of South-South relations and processes
  • मंगलवार, 03 मार्च, 2015
    Multi-stakeholder Policy Dialogue Emerging Partners in Africa’s Development Measuring the Impact of South-South Cooperation


  • 26th Banner 2021
    शनिवार, 26 जून, 2021
  • banner 21 June 2021
    सोमवार, 21 जून, 2021
    Dialogue on Future of Education and Skills: New Paradigm of Learning in BRICS
  • banner 18 june
    शुक्रवार, 18 जून, 2021
    Lecture on Resilient Financial System and Governance


Prof. Li Xiaoyun
Prof. Li Xiaoyun
Prof. Sachin Chaturvedi
Prof. Sachin Chaturvedi
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Elizabeth Sidiropoulos
André de Mello e Souza
Mr. Amar Sinha
Distinguished Fellow
Dr. Milindo Chakrabarti
Mr. Pranay Sinha
Mr. Pratyush Sharma